Shinichi Osawa – The One

10 04 2009

Holy mackerel what an album!!! Track one is “Star Guitar” which the Chemical Brothers did, I believe, originally. Track 2, which has Princess Superstar vocals, is another great track but unfortunately cusses so it can’t be played in radio land. Everything but the last track actually is really good. The last track being that obligatory slow jam type thing. I don’t understand why I didn’t pick up his tracks as they were being released on as now that I’ve heard the album, the songs are amazingly good. A couple of the tracks will appear to indie kids too.

Shinichi Osawa is a man that has been in the biz for about twenty years. I don’t know all his street cred but he has been doing production, djing, and remixing during that time span. Starting more in acid jazz he has switched up a bit and he does get into a glitch sound at time but he can keep the music and interest going strong.

In short play this album!!!!!





One response

16 07 2009
Brent Fotion (DJ BRKNDL/ TIAMO 1 )


I will have to check it out! you got any new music and are you open to be a trainer.

Brent F
DJ Trainee @ KSCU

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