KSCU Charts for May 12, 2009.

12 05 2009

TOP 200
1    METRIC    Fantasies    Self-Released
2    STARFUCKER    Jupiter    Badman
3    JUNIOR BOYS    Begone Dull Care    Domino
4    THERMALS    Now We Can See    Kill Rock Stars
5    CHESTER FRENCH    Love The Future    Interscope
6    SONIC YOUTH    “Sacred Trickster” [Single]    Matador
7    RöYKSOPP    Junior    Astralwerks
8    PETER BJORN AND JOHN    Living Thing    Almost Gold
9    BAT FOR LASHES    Two Suns    Astralwerks
10    YEAH YEAH YEAHS    It’s Blitz    Interscope
11    CAMERA OBSCURA    My Maudlin Career    4AD
12    FISCHERSPOONER    Entertainment    FS Studios
13    OBITS    I Blame You    SUB POP
14    EMPIRE OF THE SUN    Walking On A Dream    Astralwerks
15    BEN LEE    Rebirth Of Venus    New West
16    WHITE LIES    To Lose My Life (Single/Remixes)    Interscope
17    DREAMDATE    Patience    Skywriting
18    JOHN VANDERSLICE    Romanian Names    Dead Oceans
19    SHOUT OUT OUT OUT OUT    Reintegration Time    Normals Welcome
20    LADYTRON    Tomorrow [EP]    Nettwerk
21    PET SHOP BOYS    Yes    Astralwerks
22    MOUTHFUL OF BEES    Mouthful Of Bees    Afternoon
23    JAMES YUILL    Turning Down Water For Air    Nettwerk
24    ETTES    Danger Is [EP]
25    FRIENDLY FIRES    “Skeleton Boy” [Single]    XL
26    BOY IN STATIC    Candy Cigarette    Fake Four
27    PRESETS    Apocalypso (Special Edition)    Modular
28    THE TWANG    Love It When I Feel Like This    Arena Rock
29    COCKTAIL SLIPPERS     Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre    Wicked Cool
30    SILVERSUN PICKUPS    Swoon    Dangerbird

1    EAR PWR    Super Animal Brothers III    Carpark
2    IRON AND WINE    Around The Well    SUB POP
3    WOODEN BIRDS    Magnolia    Barsuk
4    RED COLLAR    Pilgrim    Self-Released
5    HIGH STRUNG    Ode To The Inverse Of The Dude    Park The Van

1    JUNIOR BOYS    Begone Dull Care    Domino
2    WHITE LIES    To Lose My Life    Interscope
3    BIX MEDARD    Bix Medard    Altair
4    RöYKSOPP    Junior    Astralwerks
5    LADYTRON    Tomorrow [EP]    Nettwerk
6    FISCHERSPOONER    Entertainment    FS Studios
7    EMPIRE OF THE SUN    Walking On A Dream    Astralwerks
8    SHOUT OUT OUT OUT OUT    Reintegration Time    Normals Welcome
9    TITTSWORTH    Drunk As Fuck Remixes    Plant Music
10    PET SHOP BOYS    Yes    Astralwerks

1    CRYSTAL METHOD    Divided By Night
2    HESS IS MORE    “Ssshhhh” [Single]

1    GROUCH AND ELIGH    Say G&E    Legendary
2    NAT KING COLE    Re:Generations    EMI-Capitol
3    ZION I    The Takeover    Gold Dust
4    GURU    8.0 Lost And Found    7 Grand
5    EXILE    Radio    Plug Research
6    ECID    Red Beretta    Self-Released
7    ACEYALONE    Aceyalone And The Lonely Ones    Decon
8    B-REAL    Smoke N Mirrors    Audio Hustlaz
9    ABSTRACT RUDE    Rejuvenation    Rhymesayers
10    KERO ONE    Early Believers    plug label

1    THEMSELVES    Free Houdini Mixtape
2    KRS-ONE AND BUCKSHOT    Survival Skills    Duck Down
3    BICASSO    Rebel Musiq
4    ABSTRACT RUDE    Rejuvenation    Rhymesayers
5    J. LONG     “Personal Freak” [Single]    JFam

1    BRUTAL TRUTH    Evolution Through Revolution    Relapse
2    DARK CASTLE    Spirited Migration    At A Loss
3    ISIS    Wavering Radiant    Ipecac
4    AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED    Agorapocalypse    Relapse
5    MASTODON    Crack The Skye    Reprise
6    PULLING TEETH    Paradise Delusions | Paradise Illusions    Deathwish
7    HAMMERLORD     Hammerlord    Init
8    GAY WITCH ABORTION    Maverick    Learning Curve
9    MUMAKIL    Behold The Failure    Relapse
10    ABSU    Absu    Candlelight

1    CHILDREN    Hard Times Hanging At The End Of The World    Kemado
2    LAY DOWN ROTTEN    Gospel Of The Wretched    Metal Blade
3    CHARIOT    Wars And Rumors Of Wars    Solid State
4    ARISE    The Reckoning    Regain
5    WARBRINGER    Walking Into Nightmares    Century Media




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