Little Dragon in Rotation. Please Enjoy!

4 11 2009

Little Dragon

Hey guys! So, Little Dragon’s CD came in the mail and put into rotation! Hooray! KSCU meet Little Dragon, Little Dragon meet KSCU! Well, for starters, you might ask, who’s Little Dragon? The vocals are by Yukimi Nagano, a Swedish-Japanese singer (sang with Koop before). This band is from Gothenburg, Sweden and other band mates are Håkan Wirenstrand, Fredrik Kallgren Wallin, and Erik Bodin. I have been waiting for their album and it completely satisfied my musical hunger for good music. They have some indie pop hooks with electronic beats and their music is very sophisticated, lush, and sensual. It gives a really detached and ethereal feel which is just bliss. Definitely try this one out! Personally, one of my top five favorite bands of all time. That my friend, is what I call special in my book. Request it next time on KSCU or simply go listen to it online or something. I highly recommend “Blinking Pigs”. It plays every time I’m on. Seriously, every time. Get used to it cause I am making sure Little Dragon makes top 200 adds for as long as I am on air. They deserve some lovin’. Well just here sharing some good music! Make sure to tune into KSCU 103.3 !!!

Your friend,


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