new band to look out for: Brazos

18 12 2009

Brazos is a band outta Austin that surprisingly is  pretty  under the radar, despite the fact that they are definitely talented and worth listening to. I have been listening to their new album, Phosphorescent Blues, self-released through Autobus Records, non-stop lately; it is an immensely catchy, thoughtful, feel good record.

Brazos sounds similar to Okkervil River or other sorts of quieter indie rock; they manage to be laid back without approaching depressing territory. This band manages to have a sense of familiarity while still sounding honest and original. One of the best tracks from Phosphorescent Blues is “Day Glo”…. catchy guitar, great vocals and piano… I just can’t get enough! Since their first EP, A City Just As Tall, was released two years ago, Brazos has opened for the likes of Vampire Weekend and Grizzly Bear, and have been gaining definite buzz in the Austin music scene. I foresee them ascending the ranks of indie stardom!

Listen to all of Phosphorescent Blues on Brazos’ website here.

For some reason, Brazos isn’t streaming “Day Glo” from their site, so here is the youtube link:

Here is a video of frontman Martin Crane performing their song “Mary Jo” (from their first EP) on ACL Left.






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