Kid Cudi punches a fan… In an unrelated story, Cudi samples Vampire Weekend, Band of Horses.

19 12 2009

Kid Cudi was booted from Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour soon after punching a fan at a Vancouver, BC solo show last Friday, December 12.

The “Day ‘n Nite” rapper know for his general laid-back/stoner  sensibility jumped off stage and attacked a fan after a wallet was repeatedly thrown onstage; unfortunately Cudi attacked the wrong person, a fan who was only attempting to return the lost wallet… oops. The alleged victim has decided not to press charges, but it seems the damage has been done, at least in terms of Cudi’s reputation.

See video of the incident here:

Although the Vancouver show at the Commodore Ballroom was unrelated to the Monster Ball tour, Cudi has taken “an early leave of absence from Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour, in order to balance his schedule surrounding the recording of his next album and acting commitments.” Riiiiight. Seems pretty unlikely that Cudi’s cancellation from GaGa’s prominent and possibly starmaking tour is completely unrelated to the Vancouver fight that happened only five days before.

GaGa has not had the best luck with rap tour mates, as well all remember the whole Kanye West/Taylor Swift debacle that prompted West to back out of their planned “Fame Kills” tour.

What can I say? Kid Cudi’s actions were pretty disappointing to me, as I have been a fan of his for quite a while, and I love his thoughtful and cool songs “Man on the Moon” and of course the Crookers version of “Day N Nite.” I saw Crookers perform their version of “Day at Night” at Coachella 2009, seriously one of the highlights of my time at the festival. I also saw Cudi in concert at the SCU Fall 2009 concert in Leavey Center, but his showmanship left something to be desired… Milkman, the opening act, arguably outshone Cudi with a longer set and better overall energy and atmosphere.

Despite all of my hating on Kid Cudi, he is still a talented and legitimate artist, and I hope he gets his act together and stops screwing up opportunities. The GaGa tour would have been a great way to help him break into the mainstream, but he’s gotta step it up and stop acting like such a fool.

“Cudderisback” is a new song from Cudi that features a track from Vampire Weekend’s song “Ottoman.” It’s interesting to hear Ezra’s vocals combined with Cudi, I think it sounds new and fresh. Cudi has been known as a big indie rock fan, so I think this song is a pretty cool hybrid of two different genres.

Cudi also sampled the uber-recognizable guitar rift from Band of Horses’ “The Funeral” in his song “The Prayer.” I’m not as crazy about it as the Vampire Weekend mashup, but I still dig it!

Listen to and Download “CudderisBack” and “The Prayer” here.

Who knows, this could be a sign of the future… Jay-Z was spotted at a Grizzly Bear concert with Beyonce a couple of months ago in Brooklyn, so maybe this will be a new direction for hip-hop… sounds good to me. Girl Talk has been doing this for a while now, gotta love his remix of Clipse with Grizzly Bear’s song “Knife.” Loooove it. So catchy/fun/unique.

Watch Girl Talk’s Knife remix:

Sufjan Stevens and Kanye West, an unlikely pairing, have a mix of their respective songs “Ahh! They are Zombies!” and “Jesus Walks”… I’m guessing most likely without their consent. I’m not sure if the two songs entirely mesh that well, but, hey, it’s interesting, worth a listen.

Check it out on Hype Machine:

Sufjan Stevens/Kanye West – “Zombies Walk”

(Beware, profanity on tracks… I would definitely be playing them on my show otherwise!)






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