Science For Girls

1 01 2010

So, sometimes you’re just surfing the web and you find a gem in the middle of the internet. That’s what happened when it came to Science For Girls. I saw their name appear somewhere and I was curious, so I checked their myspace. Immediately, I was drawn. From New York, Science for Girls is melodic electronica with roots in jazz and Brazillian music, from producer and songwriter Darren Soloman. The debut album features guest vocalists from NYC’s indie music scene. Ain’t it neat how you end up meeting music that you immediately know is going to be a big part of your life. I have a feeling Science For Girls is going to play a lot in my lifetime and hopefully yours too. I ended up cleaning my whole room for 2 hours playing Science For Girls- 14 Days, Northern Lights, You’ll Never Know, and Australia (I’ve never been to Australia, but whenever I sing this song, I feel like it’s the best place on Earth) on repeat. Hopefully, I can find a way to get their album to the station, but I am amazed how their album, released October 1, 2007, was self released. Beautiful relaxing stuff right here. Check these two songs out. 14 days is their most popular btw. Also, check out for more. Also, I apologize for any grammar or spelling errors. I sucked in English classes.


Kellie’s Pop Rock Fridays 3-5pm




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