Phoenix was the Most Blogged Artist of 2009

14 01 2010

According to the Hype Machine, French band Phoenix tops the list of their most blogged artists of 2009. Phoenix have definitely risen in popularity  from the success of their album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, which was nominated for a Grammy for Best Alternative Album on December 2, and has been featured on many year-end best album lists. 

Their super catchy single “1901” has been all over the place lately, here it is in this recent Cadillac commercial.

 Tons of indie artists are featured in commercials lately, although this is nothing new (remember Wilco’s “Sky Blue Sky” VW ads?). Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead” (sans vocals) can be heard in the Palm Pixi cell phone ad; “Sleepyhead” is a song that i find a little annoying and grating but still infectiously catchy, can’t help but like it! 

Here is a surprisingly cool Sprint ad that features Architecture in Helsinki’s song “Souvenirs,” an old favorite of mine from their 2004 album Fingers Crossed

I’m all for indie artists “selling out” by having their songs in ads. I know there’s sometimes a backlash when indie bands become more commercial and mainstream, but I think there’s nothing wrong with it… It helps bring their music to a wider audience, and also makes commercials enjoyable to listen to! 

Okay, back to Phoenix: listen to tons of cool remixes on the Hype Machine, I particularly like the “1901 (What Kind Of Breeze Do You Blow?E-Mix),” fun remix to dance to. 

If you are in the Bay Area, Phoenix is playing at the Fillmore on January 26th. That would be a pretty sick show, wonder if tickets have sold out yet…





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