Emotional Lyrics to Happy Upbeat Melodies

9 02 2010

So, where do I start? I’ve discovered my favorite type of music is emotional lyrics to unbelievably fun, upbeat happy music. Not only are you expressing yourself, you’re dancing while doing so. I find it very therapeutic too haha seriously. Usually if I listen to emotional lyrics to folky/indie/rock, it can just make you depressed let’s be honest. You just have to give it a try. You would be surprised at how much music is out there that can apply to this type of music. It can be very addicting. I’d rather stop typing and you stop reading, and just let the music speak for itself. I’m sure many people are more listeners than readers anyways, me included.

Lykke Li- Dance, Dance, Dance (Buraka Som Sistema Remix

I love this song!! “Words can never make up for what you do. I was a dancer all along. Having trouble telling how I feel, but I can dance dance dance”. story of my life, period. Awesome example!

Here’s another:

Kleerup- Thank you for nothing. The title says it all. Such a blunt and honest title with such a pretty background. Kleerup has a lot of other songs that are great for this blog set. Such as “Misery” and “On My Own Again”. I love Kleerup!

I would show more but I don’t want this blog to be hugeeeeee! If you have any recommendations that fall under this category, please comment and share!


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