“Dream”-y Beach House

22 02 2010

The Indie Rock duo Beach House just released their third album, Teen Dream, in rotation at KSCU now. This is their first release with Sub Pop records, and was produced by Chris Coady, who has worked with Blonde Redhead, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and TV on the Radio.

Time described Beach House’s self-titled debut as “one of the more recognizable sounds in indie rock, equal parts breathy and slightly bruised, with Nico-like vocals from singer Victoria Legrand and atmospheric instrumentals by bandmate Alex Scally.” Legrand, who plays the organ in addition to singing, contributed backing vocals to Grizzly Bear’s ubiquitous single “Two Weeks” from their latest and most successful album Veckatimest.

Here’s a cool performance of Legrand performing last August with Grizzly Bear:

As you can see in the clip, Legrand rocks a serious set of bangs. Spin Earth included Legrand in their list of Bands with the Best Bangs, “a list of ladies with the best fringe in music and salute them not only for their tunes, but their lust-worthy bangs as well.” Check out the humorous list, a lot of my favorite artists (Sarah Assbring of El Perro Del Mar, Zooey Deschanel of She & Him)  made the list for their awe-inspiring haircuts.

Teen Dream still follows the same general aesthetic as Beach House and Devotion, with Legrand’s haunting vocals and keyboard complementing Scally’s guitars. One thing that separates Teen Dream from their previous work is Scally’s move to actual percussion from a drum machine, definitely taking their sound to the next level.

Pitchfork gave Teen Dream a rave 9/10 review, writing that “Despite the brighter, more pop-informed sound and an album title that brings to mind the hazy nostalgia of youth, Teen Dream has a pretty sad heart. Because the music is so effective, the churn of emotions is there even when you don’t know exactly what Legrand is singing about (this can happen easily with her unusual phrasing). But a closer listen reveals songs about uncertainty, doubt, and feeling beaten down by the world.”

Click here for a cool interview with Beach House from Pitchfork.

Here is Beach House performing “Zebra” from Teen Dream at SXSW:

Beach House is currently in the middle of a massive international tour; they’re performing April 17 at Coachella, and their gig at Bimbo’s in San Francisco April 14 is already sold out.

– Duffy




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