Sea Wolf

22 02 2010

I have been diggin Sea Wolf after I saw them open for The Album Leaf at Great American Music Hall last weekend, been playing them nonstop. The band is lead by Alex Brown Church, and their latest album, “White Water, White Bloom” was released last September by Dangerbird Records. The album was produced by Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes and Monsters of Folk fame, and his influence is pretty obvious… if you dig the moody Saddle Creek sound you’ll like Sea Wolf. Church’s voice almost sounds a bit like a less harsh/mopey Conor Oberst at times. My only complaint is that sometimes the band verges on sounding kinda cheesy alternative rock like Keane, or like it should be playing in the background of  “Grey’s Anatomy.” Sea Wolf was awesome live, their stuff rocked in person, not quite so sleepy-sounding. Sea Wolf reminds me a lot of other indie rock bands like Band of Horses, that same sort of laid back, guitar driven aesthetic, perhaps not the most original sounding music, but really pleasant to listen to regardless. 

Here’s a video of Sea Wolf performing one of the best tracks from “White Water,” “Wicked Blood” for KEXP:

Another one of my fave Sea Wolf songs is “You’re a Wolf,” from their debut album “Leaves in the River.” The song title reminds me of Towelie from South Park… “you’re a towel”….. hah. “You’re a Wolf” has been featured on a ton of television shows on the CW and also in “Zombieland” and a Chevy commercial. I  wouldn’t be surprised if Sea Wolf blew up and got way more popular in the future, their sound is very accessible and easy to listen to. 

“You’re A Wolf” music video: 

If you get the chance to see Sea Wolf live, do it!! Great performance, they really blew me away. 

– Duffy




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