Spoon Understated

22 02 2010

In 2007, Austin-based indie rockers Spoon released their lovable, upbeat album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga featuring vivacious horns and catchy arrangements on songs like “The Underdog” and “You Got Yr Cherry Bomb.” Spoon just released Transference, an album with an understated, minimalistic sound that is quite a departure from their previous stuff. The songs feel very raw, as if Transference is a demo, not the full-fledged follow up album to the most successful release of their career. Spoon has a long history that goes back to the early ’90’s, where frontman Britt Daniels and drummer Jim Eno helped form the group back in 1993. Spoon had a short stint at Elektra Records in the late ’90’s, where after an unsuccessful release, moved back to indie label Merge in 2000.

Here’s a cool Pitchfork video of Spoon performing a new song from Transference, “Written in Reverse.”

If you want to see Spoon live, you’re in luck, the band is touring this Spring. In they Bay Area, they’re playing April 13 at the Fox Theater in Oakland with Deerhunter and Micachu and the Shapes. Spoon is also making an appearance at Coachella, if you are heading down to Indio for that. Check out their official site for more tour info, news, and some pretty cool photos and videos of the band.

Since I’m already posting about Spoon, here is one of my favorite songs of theirs, “I Summon You” from their 2005 release Gimme Fiction:

I’m not sure of my final opinion of Transference…. definitely need to give it a few more listens before I can come to a decisive conclusion. It might not be as uber-catchy as their previous stuff, but at least they’re trying a new sound out.





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