Can’t get enough of Little Boots!

19 03 2010

Since I saw Little Boots perform with Dragonette at the Fillmore on March 9, I have been groovin to the British sprite’s tunes nonstop. Little Boots (real name: Victoria Hesketh) plays fun, upbeat electropop, excellent to dance to. She is frequently compared to Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue for her outlandish style and catchy dance pop sound.

Little Boots played some crazy cool instruments at her show, including Tenori-on, a Japanese touch-pad instrument that produces beats and a stylophone.  I was disappointed to see that Boots didn’t play the laser harp, but apparently she couldn’t play the instrument on her U.S. tour without a laser operating license.

Boots’ debut album, Hands, just had its debut in the United States in early March. Apparently for circumstances “completely out of my control,” Boots canceled seven tour dates on her North American tour. She’s scheduled to perform at Coachella, which is coming up in mid-April.

Check out Boots’ website for tons of videos and blogs that she’s taken chronicling her American adventures. She seems like a cool person, in concert she was very personable and was very chatty with the audience, although it was a bit difficult to understand her at all times due to her heavy British accent. The concert as a whole was super fun, Boots wore three different fun futuristic, sequin-y ensembles that my friends and I drooled over.

A photo i took of Little Boots performing at the Fillmore

Boots has collaborated with some pretty cool artists, including RJD2  and Kid Cudi. Here’s a vid of Little Boots and Kid Cudi performing his song “Day N Nite” at SXSW last year.

One of my favorite Boots tracks is “Remedy,” pure pop confection; although it is definitely quite poppy, I love how energetic and fun the song is…. everyone at the Fillmore was going crazy when Boots performed this during the show, definitely the high point of the night. Another cool part of the show was when Boots performed a  cover of 80’s classic “Don’t You Want Me,“the simplicity of her voice against just keyboard highlighted how gorgeous Boots’ voice is.

I have been obsessed with Fred Falke’s remix of her song, “New in Town.” Another great Falke remix that I have been diggin? His take on Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks.”






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