4 04 2010


From Sheffield, England is a duo known as Slow Club. This is their debut album and there is also a 9 track bonus second disc. Folk-pop, Slow Club are made up of two people Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor. They mix in folk, twee, and 60’s pop. I don’t know how others feel, but I love male and female vocals mixed in together. They have a really simple approach which is easily likeable. The alternately take the lead, constantly harmonizing which is the best part. Their music is really sweet, precious, fun and quirky. I think you get the jist of how they sound. Simply put, really cutesy girl and boy folk. They touch a lot of great topics for their songs too, relateable lyrics for about 58.9879% + of the population I am guessing. I like folk but I lost touch with it. This album made me reconnect with how much I miss it. So  nice to just relax to. Great album.

RIYL: Angus and Julia Stone, Tilly and the Wall, Tiny Dancers, Hey Ocean!

Moshi Moshi Records





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