Current Obsession: Bonobo

6 04 2010

BONOBO Black Sands

I have been obsessed lately with Black Sands, British DJ and producer Simon Green (aka Bonobo)’s fourth album, playing it constantly—how have I not listened to Bonobo before?? Black Sands, released through Ninja Tune Records, is a beautiful, chill electronica album that seems to take the chillwave, trip hop genre to a whole new level. If you like  Thievery Corporation, Groove Armada, Caribou, or AIR, you may enjoy Bonobo’s cool electronica sound. Check out Bonobo’s official site to download songs and remixes.

Green produces beat driven, laid back electronica that has an international feel (Chinese art movie sounding strings, Afro-Latin, Brazilian) as well as having a soulful, jazz influence that give Bonobo a very distinctive sound. Many of the tracks are instrumental, but Bonobo brings in some collaborators like on  “Eyes Down,” where Andreya Triana provides  soulful, distorted vocals that bring more of a r&b sensibility. 

Seriously, check out this album…. Since there are so many varying influences on this electronica release, people who like genres ranging from hip hop to indie like this low-key, catchy album.  Black Sands is the perfect album to chill out to, do yoga, kick it with friends, whatever… just excellent background music. I definitely could imagine some televisions shows or films snagging  Bonobo to be part of the soundtrack.

Bonobo is known for his live performances, and Black Sands will surely only increase his popularity. He’s playing at the Mezzanine in San Francisco on April 23, and is in the midst of a huge worldwide tour.

 This is one of my favorite tracks from Black Sands, check out “Kiara”:

Other great tracks from Black Sands include El Toro, Eyesdown, and Kong

—- Duffy




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