Marina & The Diamonds

2 06 2010

This was such a fun album to listen to.  Marina & The Diamonds album ‘The Family Jewels’ came just in time for the summer. Nicole (MD) told me I would like this and I completely love it! Refreshing and upbeat, her music is addicting, for me at least. It made me want to sing and dance to it. It could have been because I was reviewing this on a sunny day, but either way, the lyrics are catchy and amusing. For example, #2 has the constant lyrics of “drinking champagne (spelled Shampain, I don’t know why)!”. The singer’s name is Marina Diamandis (neat) and she claims to be from Ancient Greece (hmmmm). After dropping out of four different music courses at four different universities, she decided to make her own way in music, and began writing her own unique brand of left-field pop songs under her new stage name. Gotta give her props for that one. She currently sold out shows in Germany and will be touring throughout Europe and making a stop in San Francisco for Lilith Fair and a show at Popscene. Try this one out, wouldn’t hurt.

Personal Favorite Songs of hers: Are You Satisfied?, Shampain, The Outsider, Oh No!, Guilty,

RIYL: Florence and the Machine, Regina Spektor, Little Boots, Kate Miller-Heidke

Record Label: UK- 679/Warner & USA-Atlantic/Chop Shop


Marina & The Diamonds – Oh No!


Kellie’s Pop Rocks




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