Bag Raiders Review

2 02 2011

Bag Raiders – Self Titled 2-8-11

Modular always seems to have very solid releases at least when I get my ears listening to something off that label. Remember how incredibly incredible poplicious yet not pop the Cut Copy album was? What? You don’t? Pull it from the rpm library (or call 408 554 5728 to request it) and play it on your show then fall in love. This album is almost like that. If Cut Copy didn’t exist I’d be fawning over this one because it straddles the pop and indietronic mix so well that there are only a few moments that I shake my head at an album that is so solid I just might burn a copy. Synthy, dancey, poppy, sparkly, slightly broody and full of vocals.

RIYL – Cut Copy, Holy Ghost!
Cussing – none
Favorites – 1,3,5, 7, 11, 2, 10, try the rest

Modular                                                         Matt Romero




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