More Reviews from the Scrawny DJ.

13 02 2011

Kids of 88 – Just a Little Bit                                                      2-15-11

A band from New Zealand with that Nu Disco/Indie Dance appeal.  Think Hot Chip and maybe Ghostland Observatory and you’ll have an idea.  A tad poppy but with a good quirk, and  the vocals are great and the music is toe taptastic.  I highly recommend you check out the original mixes unless you are looking for some remix action with less vocals.

RIYL – Hot Chip, Fol Chen, Robyn

Favorites – 1, 2, 4, rest

Cussing – None

SIN                                                                 Matt Romero

Epstein – Sealess See                                2-15-11

Do you like idm and experimental thought provoking music?  Are you down with music that seemingly lacks structure but does in ways you have to dig deep for?  Do you prefer a sound more ethereal then rhythmic and dancey?  If so then Epstein’s latest release is for you.  Soudspace created with an MPC tapped into the urban sprawl.

RIYL – Seabright, Squarepusher, Prefuse 73, Roberto Carlos

Favorites – Pretty much all are short (couple minutes) and equally interesting

Cussing – None that I could decipher

Asthmatic Kitty                                            Matt Romero




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