25 02 2011

Frivolous – Meterology                            2-28-11

Looking for some interesting tech-house? If so then this album is for you. Sure there are some odd filler atmosphere tracks interspersed but the house tracks are solid in the swing and tend to bring vocal snippets into the music creating a dancey yet intriguing atmosphere. All the tracks that aren’t intermission pieces are long just so you know.

RIYL: tech-house, dirty bird records, claude vonstroke
Favorites – 9,8,6,4,3,2
Cussing – none 

Dirty Vegas – Changes (single)                                   2-28-11

These guys are back with another single aimed at toppin pop charts more then underground sound. Given the love of a guitar type sound lately Dirty Vegas throws together a dance track backed by guitars and a guy singing about a relationship gone sour. Nothing too out of the ordinary. There is a Felix da Housecat remix though for those of you that still find him hipster cool.

RIYL – dance music, progressive house, modern kaskade F
avorites – 7,4,5,2,1, rest
Cussing – none

Kisses – Midnight Lover                                     2-28-11

 A single from the band that is vocal friendly, mixable, and not a typical dance track. This would fall under the indie dance category on beatport. Very pleasant. Track 3 is of typical radio edit length. Great track if you want a tinge of new wave in your set.

RIYL – Hot Chip, Rapture, a hint of new wave in your music
Favorites – 3,2,1
Cussing – none

Telepathique – All Your Lovers                                 2-28-11

Uberfun and ridiculous this EP has just the right of cheese to pull off brilliance. Catchy riffs and pop drums combine for an addictive romp through the speakers. On the flip side they can kind of rock out too so pick it up and give it a spin!! Out of the many many albums I’ve been reviewing this is the greatest left field gem I’ve reviewed.

RiYL – Chicks on Speed, Hot Chip, OKGO
Favorites – 1,2,3!,4,5
Cussing – none

INNERPARTYSYSTEM – American Trash (single)                      2-28-11

A single of a track that cusses. Thankfully not all the supersick remixes cuss. Tracks 3 and 6 are radio edit length. Come on, I know you want to play a track making fun of Americans.

RIYL – electro, Haezer, Belzebass
Favorites – 3!!, 4, 6, 7(dubstep),
Cussing – 1, 2, 8

George Acosta – Visions Behind Expressions                                      2-28-11

George Acosta has been doing house music for years and years now. His latest album release shows off his progressive talents and will delight all those that love the club sound of progressive house. A four on the floor beat with gated synth chord riffs and stabs generally featuring vocal accompaniment so every one in the club can groove and sing along. Progressive house tracks are generally epic in length so the shorter ones are list first in the favorites section.

RIYL – Swedish House Mafia, Robbie Riverria
Favorites – 3, 6, 7, 8, 11, rest except for 2
Cussing – none.




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