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1 05 2011

Graham Knox Frazier – Gonna Dig This                           4-25-11

Deep house album is really the only way to describe this.  There are lyrics and basslines and fat kicks but it all comes together like a deep house project.  Nothing poppy here just deep and semi-soulful at times.

RIYL – deep house, Jeno, Simon

Favorites – 2,8,9, any

Cussing – none

Simply Deep Music                                     Matt Romero

Justice – Civilization (single)                 4-26-11

The kings of “checking e-mail” concerts are back with a new single that is about the same pace as there first album.  Disco feel, sample laden, and heavy distortion.

RIYL – Chromeo, Boys Noize

Favorites – both tracks

Cussing – none

Ed Banger                                                Matt Romero

Donwill – Love Junkie (single)                  4-26-11

A great diddy with great hip hop vocal that of course cusses, but there are clean edits.  The Wallpaper remix is super catchy.  The second single on here is pretty good too but a tad more hard hitting.

RIYL – Wallpaper, dance hop, Fast Eddie

Cussing – 1, 4

Favorites – 2, 5, 7

                                                               Matt Romero

Jonwayne – Bowser                     4-26-11

If you like the glitchtronica scene then there is a cd at the station here for you.  Jonwayne puts together a 19 track album that is on the slower side of glitch but doesn’t fail to impress with hard beats and randomness galore.  If you like Mochipet or Squarepusher this album will give you some smiles.  Short and glitchy

RIYL – Mochipet, Squarepusher

Cussing – 5

Favorites – 4, 9, 16, 14, 3, 7, 12

                                                          Matt Romero

TV on the Radio – Nine Types of Light             4-26-11


I’m not really sure how this gets filed under RPM when it has a folk vibe at times and definitely has more of an “indie rock” feel then anything else.  This isn’t a great album but it is a solid one with an emphasis on song writing and non-aggressive intriguing music.  Atmospheric post punk comes to mind.  ThisBrooklynbased band does throw in the electronics but it still doesn’t strke me as an electronic album.

RIYL – Interpol, Chow Nasty, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Cussing – none

Favorites – 6, 3, rest

                                                                Matt Romero

Blue Sky Black Death – Noir                        4-18-11

ThisSeattlebased duo is producing ethereal crunchy music with guest vocalists.  If you are into the deep harsh sounds of crunchy etherialism mixed with hard hitting beats interspersed with varying styles of vocals then this album will work wonders for you.

RIYL – Blockhead, RJD2

Cussing – clean

Favorites – 2, 8, 10, 14

Fake Four Inc.                          Matt Romero

Kraak & Smaak – Electric Hustle                 4-26-11

The Dutch purveyors of funk strike again with a new album that leaves funk behind at times but delivers an exhilarating romp through soul and boogie. The album has a very organic feel as there plan is to take this album on tour with a live band.  Great basslines, guest vocals, funky drum patterns, synthy progressive chord progressions; there is something for just about everyone, except the people that want thrash only.

RIYL – Rima, Zero 7, Copyright

Favorites – 1, 3, 4,5,8, 9,10, rest

Cussing – none

Jalapeno Records                                    Matt Romero

Errors – Come Down With Me                         4-26-11     

Glasgowquartet known as the Errors bring up a synth heavy indie electronic that is generally dancey and catchy even when vocals are lacking.  This band formed in 2004 was eventually  picked up by Mogwai from which there sound and career has blossomed.  At times the album gets introspective and moody, all without vocals.

RIYL – Mogwai, LCD Soundsystem, Prefuse 73

Cussing – none

Favorites – 2,3,6,7 8, 10

Rock Action                                             Matt Romero

Dirty Vegas – Changes (single #2)                        4-26-11

The second release for the same single has some good variation in the way of In Flagranti and Mike Monday.  The original mix is on here as well. Everything is very danceable and interesting. It might not be pop dance (yay) but the remixes intrigue.

RIYL – nu disco, house, Basement Jaxx, In Flagranti

Favorite – 1,2,3,4 rest

Cussing – none

                                                               Matt Romero

Elos – Flying with the Fortress                    4-26-11

Dirty crunchy beats with distorted and fuzzed electronic noise somehow combined into a form of music.  Gltich Mob comes to mind when I listen to this album.  With only 7 tracks the strong beats pass by quicly but as a radio dj getting one of these heavy hitting tracks in shouldn’t be an issue.  Prepare for a trippy fuzzed out journey of disjointed parts that combine to make a music of a primal nature.

RIYL – Glitch Mob, Glitch, Distorted Beats

Favorites – 3, 1, 6, 2

Cussing – no vocals equal no cussing

                                                         Matt Romero

Daedelus – Bespoke                                       4-18-11

Probably one of Ninja Tune’s most popular artist at KSCU currently,Santa Monicaborn, Deadelus brings another album to us that is simply amazing.  This album represents an outlook on life to him and he is sharing it with brilliantly crafted music.  The styles may change and the sheer amount of stuff going on may seem a bit over the top but if you listen it all just fits together better then a jig saw and sets your soul ablaze.  Another tidbit about the artist (probably already mentioned in another review by dj shrute) is that he is trained in double bass and clarinet and has a jazz background.

RIYL – Luke Vibert, Prefuse 73

Favorites – 1,2,5,7 all awesome

Cussing – none

Ninja Tune                                               Matt Romero




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