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10 05 2011

Chancha Via Circuito: Rio Arriba                            4-12-11


For all you world music lovers we have the second release from Chancha Via Circuito.  The album is focused around South American folklore in theme.  The music also has a South American bent to it but still sounds modern instead of traditional.  Bristling with drums and ethnic instruments I can’t name the album is a welcome reprise to what is normally heard on the radio (my show included).

RIYL – Tremor, Buraka Som Sistema

Cussing – none that I can tell

Favorites – 9, 11, 1, 3, rest

ZZK Records                                             Matt Romero

Africa Hitech– 93 Million Miles              5-9-11

This is combination of old school techno style music (as in more toward theDetroitand minimal end not Haddaway style) and African (and island) rhythms and productions.  Maybe simpilar put there is heavy ragga influence in the production work of co-producers Steve Spacek and Mark Pritchard.  You will hear vocals at points during the album but there are no full on song lyrics.  For the techno enthusiast this is a must listen to album.  For those requiring more song structure and less experimentation it is harder to recommended unless you are in the mood for some interesting electronic play.

RIYL – the Bug, Benga, Kode9, Warp label artists

Cussing – none I heard

Favorites – 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, rest

Warp                                                 Matt Romero

Johan Agebjorn – Casablanca Nights                             5-9-11

Sweedish producer Johan works in various forms of electronic music and is well known for his 2006 LP in which he does an 80’s italo-disco throwback album.  This time around he continues with a synthy pop feel set in the world of today (as opposed to 80’s italo).  Addicting if you like the synth pop sound.  At times it sounds generic but other tracks just pop out from the album and make you dance.  But that is the nature of synthpop is it not?

RIYL – Zoot Woman, Yelle, And One (but nicer vocals), Freezepop

Favorites – 2, 4 (vocals in English), 6, 7, 9

Cussing – none

Paper Bag Records                                               Matt Romero




2 responses

11 05 2011
Beto González

Why should so-called “traditional” South American music (in itself a very broad term) be “folklore” or the opposite of “modern”?? What exactly is a “South American bent”? Can’t any instrument be an “ethnic” one, or only those played by non-whites? Your brief four sentences reek of ignorance…
Also, it’s spelled SWEDISH, not SWEEDISH.

11 05 2011

You are correct my review is pretty ignorant. The review, written predominately for the djs at the station, is based on a small promotional piece that came in the zip file for the album. The promo piece briefly stated that the album’s theme is to do with South American folklore which I do find odd as three (I think) of the tracks aren’t original works but remixes the artist did of other artists work. In regards to ethnic and south american feel/bent, it is a record that the promoters want charted in the World Music category and I feel the rhythms and sounds would be easily described to the kscu djs the way I put it. It might not be spot on but it paints a picture for them. My spelling is horrible I can’t deny that.

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond. I seriously doubted anyone ever checks the kscu wordpress blog though I know a dj or two is now posting there playlists on here.

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