Contact Info

    We can be reached through various means:

To send music:
Mail to KSCU Music Dept. Attn: Nicole/Lauren/Kellie
500 El Camino Real #3207
Santa Clara, CA. 95053

Current Music Directors: Nicole Coxe, Lauren Duffy (

Current Assistant Music Director: Kellie Wong(

RPM/Electronic Director: Matt Romero (

Loud Rock Director: Rob Gongora (

Hip Hop Director: Fernando Rangel (

    Additional Information:

Music Dept. Address: 500 El Camino Real #3207, Santa Clara CA. 95053
Phone: 408.554.4907
KSCU Website:


2 responses

27 07 2009

First of all.. hats off to your station. Thank you!

I have been trying to find out the artist of a song i have heard a couple times on your station. I try my best to search your site before bugging your guys.

Here is the question: The song was played aruond 10am last Wednesday. its a mellow duet. The only line i can manage to pick out is something to the effect of “lookiing for you heart in a rose garden”.

Any help would help. Thank you

18 08 2009


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