New Music

****KSCU NEW ADDS week of 5.21.09 ****

It’s like James Mercer (Shins frontman) taking the Shins in a new way more
upbeat dancier direction. Sounds amazing, right? Well that’s because it
totally is! This debut is full of youthful energy, disco beats, new wavey
beats—all topped off with the distinctive vocals of lead singer Michael
>>>RIYL: disco Shins, Postal Service + DFA + Architecture in Helsinki…

IRON & WINE – Around The Well
A dual album collection of unreleased tracks, covers and re-recordings.The
first disc is a collection of songs akin to how Beam crafted his music in
his earlier projects – very airy, folky and subdued.  The second disc is a
collection of Beam’s more recent work, which is a mish-mash of collaboration
and (more) up-tempo folky goodness.
>>>RIYL: Cat Power, Ray LaMontagne, Jose Gonzales, Nick Drake

Apostle of Hustle is Andrew Whiteman (Broken Social Scene), Julian Brown
(the bassist from Feist) and Dean Stone for what the band describes to be a
collection of tracks that are “like tapas at the banquet of conflict”
>>>RIYL:  Broken Social Scene, The Velvet Teen, The Dismemberment Plan

GREAT NORTHERN – Remind Me Where the Light Is
Great Northern’s sophomore album paints the same atmospheric, panoramic
vista as 2007’s Trading Twilight for Daylight, but it does so with a wider
brush, replacing the quieter moments of the previous album with soaring
guitars and wide-eyed, arena-bound anthems.
>>>RIYL: Metric, Bat for Lashes, Eisley, Letters to Cleo, Juliana Hatfield.

RIASED BY ROBOTS – Disorganization Will Save Us All
Raised By Robots is an indie rock band from San Francisco/Oakland that took
their love of music and eclectic influences — including Why?, Menomena, The
Arcade Fire, Okkervil River, Al Green, The Flaming Lips, Johnny Cash, DJ
Shadow, and Brian Wilson — but have created something wholly unique.
>>>RIYL: Menomena, Why?, Okkervil River, Arcade Fire, Flaming Lips..

This Euro-US trio attempts to make electro better than their influences, and
while I can’t vouch for what they were hearing, I can vouch for their
attempt, and it’s a solid one.
>>>RIYL: Cut Copy, New Order, Junior Boys, Royksopp

EAR PWR – Super Animal Brothers III
The North Carolina expatriates of Ear Pwr add the innocent fun of indie-rock
and twee to their frolicking tunes and bubbling rhythms. Ear Pwr also roots
down in indie pop’s manic overload joy but smears it through layers of
synthesizer squawks and megaphone-blasted anthems.
>>>RIYL: Dan Deacon, Sesame Street, Anavan, disc-twee-indie-pop

JASON LYTLE – Yours Truly, The Commuter
Two years after Grandaddy’s quiet demise, Jason Lytle returns with Yours
Truly, the Commuter. Immaculately crafted pop soundscapes mirror both the
dramatic environment of Lytle’s newly-adopted Montana and the vintage twang
of Central California farmland that provided the backdrop to all Lytle’s
earlier work.
>>>RIYL: Grandaddy, John Vanderslice,

ART BRUT – Art Brut vs. Satan
Coming off the freshly ephemeral burst of 2005’s Bang Bang Rock & Roll, Art
Brut’s gimmick—which hinges on deadpan delivery of ridiculous lyrics over
generally uninteresting backing music—appeared slight enough that even a
second album would have seemed redundant. The fact that they pull it off for
a third one warrants an examination of what it is that makes this ostensibly
wafer-thin approach so repeatedly successful.
>>>RIYL: Rakes, the Fall, Hold Steady, Dirtbombs, Beat Happening… sorta…

This Portland, OR band’s latest album is a unique blend of pop melody and
compact punk rock power.
>>>RIYL: Deerhoof, They Shoot Horses Don’t They, Man Man, Xiu Xiu.


Compilation that benefits three organizations working to end the conflict in
Darfur, Oxfam America, Doctors Without Borders and Human Rights Watch.
(100% of proceeds goes to the benefit!).
>>>RIYL: Decemberists, Matthew Dear, LCD Soundsystem, My Morning
Jacket, RJD2, Mum, Neon Neon (any of the artists on the cd),

O+S – s/t
O+S is the collaboration between Orenda Fink (Azure Ray, Art In Manila) and
Scapelist, aka Cedric Lemoyne (Remy Zero). The duo’s self-titled debut is
mostly a hushed and somber collection of pop songs, letting Fink’s vocals
echo over Scapelist’s sonic crafting.
>>>RIYL: Azure Ray, Cat Power, Portishead, Remy Zero, Sia.

The Wooden Birds borrow much of their foundation from the American Analog
Set, whose textured arrangements and heavy-lidded ambience are channeled
throughout this debut effort. Accordingly, Magnolia is more indebted to the
bedroom recordings of Iron & Wine than the spacy soundscapes of Brian Eno,
with palm-muted bass and makeshift percussion adding a gentle gait.
>>>RIYL: The Elected, Iron and Wine, Band of Horses, Bon Iver.
Picks: 5!,6!, 11, 2, 1, 12, 4.

A PAPER CUP BAND – Detroit vs. Farming

A five-piece band from Minneapolis whose sound is wildly eclectic and finds
it way across many genres, A Paper Cup Band seem most at ease and write
their best songs when they go back to a tried and true Americana/Alt-Country
>>>RIYL: Pavement, Beck, Guided by Voices, Sebadoh.

CRYPTACIZE – Mythomania

Cryptacize is generally recognized as the three-piece side project of former
Deerhoof guitarist Chris Cohen. Continuing their penchant for hushed, simple
song structures, the band’s sophomore effort, Mythomania, is an 11-song
collection of uncluttered arrangements and nostalgic vocals.
>>>RIYL: Comet Gain, Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Deerhoof, Nedelle & Thom

THE JUAN McCLEAN The Future Will Come
With his sophomore album, Juan MacLean focuses on the evolution of a dance
track, as simple beats slowly grow with claps, drum machine and vintage
>>RIYL: Junior Boys, Shy Child, LCD Soundsystem, Telefon Tel Aviv

Bricolage sound a whole lot like Orange Juice. You just can’t escape it.
It’s in the arch lilt of the vocals, the angular jangle of the guitars, the
skipping dance-punk beats, and the clever wordplay of the lyrics.
>>>RIYL: Orange Juice, Lucksmiths, Velvet Underground, Go-Betweens.

London-based Polly Scattergood blends the progressive arrangements and vocal
acrobatics of Kate Bush, Björk, and Tori Amos with the indie pop
sensibilities of Cat Power and Patrick Wolf, resulting in a powerful,
dramatic, and volatile tonic that landed the precocious artist a deal with
Mute Records at the age of 22.
>>>RIYL: Bat For Lashes, Bjork, Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Lily Allen.

ZOE – Reptilectric
Perhaps the most successful band to emerge from Mexico City’s bourgeoning
rock scene, Zoe play delicately crafted rock and roll anchored by producer
Phil Vinall’s [Radiohead, Pulp, Elastica, Placebo] magic touch.
>>>RIYL: Minus the Bear, Mute Math, Kinky.

JARVIS COCKER – Further Complications
As befitting the title, the sound of this former Pulp frontman’s sophomore
solo album is rough and tumble, with only the closing “You’re in My Eyes
(Discosong)” echoing back to the louche, languid urban fantasies of “Deep
Fried in Kelvin.” The rest is all gnarled, ugly hard rock, dredging up
ghosts of the Stooges and the Spiders from Mars, dressing them in stylish
second-hand clothes that are razored to ribbons by Steve Albini’s typically
unflinching production.
>>>RIYL: Serge Gainsbourg, Nick Cave, Pulp, Richard Hawley.

This Pennsylvania quintet make sweetly robotic psychedelia, all vocoders,
plinkety-plonk synths and whooshing sound effects, like Flaming Lips remixed
by Boards of Canada. A trippy marvel.
>>>RIYL: Flaming Lips + Boards of Canada, Animal Collective, Tobacco.

LIECHTENSTEIN – Survival Strategies in a Modern World
If you want to a quick critical backdoor into the aesthetic of Slumberland
Record’s latest signee, Liechtenstein you could start with the following:
C86, Vivian Girls, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, and early ’80s groups
like The Au Pairs and Kleenex.
>>>RIYL: Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Vivian Girls, Pastels, Asobi Seksu.

RUBIES – Stand in a Line / I feel Electric EP
A continuation and expansion of the sound of the under-appreciated San
Francisco indie-pop outfit Call and Response, Rubies comprises two of that
group’s members, keyboardist Simone Rubi and bassist Terri Loewenthal, both
of whom contribute vocals to create a harmony-rich sound that bridges New
Order-ish electronic disco, soulful seventies-styled pop and gentle
California folk-rock.
>>>RIYL: Feist, Loquat, Shinichi Osawa, Hearts of Palm UK, Club 8, Kings of

THE FIELD – Yesterday & Today
In case any doubt remained about Axel Willner’s desire to be accessible
beyond the realm of electronic dance music, his second album as the Field,
Yesterday and Today, was licensed by Kompakt for U.S. release on Anti-.
>>>RIYL: Ulrich Schnauss, Seefeel, Slowdive + minimal techno, The Sight

MUSIC LOVERS – Masculine Feminine
This San Francisco band has a distinctive, immediately identifiable sound,
an elegant blend of SCOTT WALKER sweep, SERGE GAINSBOURG slyness, British
guitar pop hooks and DUSTY SPRINGFIELD soul.
>>>RIYL: Jarvis Cocker, Serge Gainsbourg, Divine Comedy.

MATRE – Easter Sunday
Coming from Los Angeles,Califronia with beats that are mixed with hip hop
and reggae dub.  He has songs on here with religous aspects.  His rhymes are

good and connect with the beat.
>>>RIYL: Sappient, Aceyalone, Spearhead, Michael Franti.

Coming from Germany with a CD that blends electro hip hop, downtempo and
even some drum n bass.  Most of the songs have no MC’s but when they do it
goes well.
>>>RIYL: blockhead,nasa, and some amplive.

LA JUNTA – What It Is
Coming from Santa Fe New Mexico live band with a a mixture of
reggae,rock,hip hop.  >>>RIYL: 40 watt hype and a touch of ozomatli.

Coming from Oakland with rhymes that sound truthfull.  Good beats and in one
it sounds like they are rhyming in French.
>>>RIYL: moe, pope and headnodic and afro classics.

****** NEW ADDS ********

Savath y Savalas        La Llama        Stones Throw
Watch Out For Rockets   Beasts With Hearts of Gold      Self Released
Raised By Robots        Disorganization will save us all        self
Thieves Like Us Play Music      Shelflife/ Fantasy Memory
Art Brut        Art Brut vs. Satan      Downtown records
Jason Lytle     Yours Truly, The Commuter       Anti
Great Northern  Remind Me Where the Light Is    Eenie Meenie
Experimental Dental School      Forest Field    Self Released
Ear Pwr Super Animal Brothers III       Carpark
Various Artists Causes 2        Waxploitation
The Wooden Birds        Magnolia        Barsuk
O+S     s/t     saddle creek
Passion Pit     Manners Frenchkiss
A Paper Cup Band        Detroit vs Farming      Bastard-Folk / Anti CIV
SPC ECO 3-D     NoisePlus Music
Cryptacize      Mythomania      Asthmatic Kitty
Marcio Local    MarcioLocal Says Don Day Don Dree Don Don       Luaka Bop
Iron and Wine   Around the Well Sub Pop
Depeche Mode    Sounds of the Universe  Capitol
Detournement    Screaming Response      Chunksaah Records
New York Dolls  Cause I Sez So  Alchemedia Productions
Every Good Boy  The Human Haiku Shampoo Boy
Pink Mountaintops       Outside Love    Jagjaguwar
Esquimaux       Wolf    Self Released
Maximo Park     Quicken the Heart       Warp
Apostle Hustle  Eats Darkness   Arts and Crafts
American Folklore       s/t     Haymaker Wax
The Curious Mystery     Rotting Slowly  K Records
Various Artists Esopus #12: Black & White       Esopus
DJ Vadim        U Can’t Lurn Imaginashun        bbe
Cali Blakk      How We Do       My Alt Records
La Junta        What It Is      Self Released
Matre   Easter Sunday   Team2Mex
Spear of the Nation     Spearitalk      Natural High Records
Acient Astronauts       We Are To Answer        ESL Music
leftover cuties game called life        groove house
kitten forever  born ready      tardigrade
shinobu strange spring air      quote unquote
Liechtenstein   Survival Strategies in a Modern World   Slumberland
Diamond Watch Wrists    Ice Capped at Both Ends Warp Records
Bricolage       Bricolage       Slumberland
Rubies  Stand in a line/ I feel electric        Self Released
The Field       Yesterday and Today     Kompakt / anti-
Polly Scattergood       Please Don’t Touch Single (+ remixes)   Mute
The Juan Maclean        The Future Will Come    DFA
Zoe     Reptilectric    EMI
Polly Scattergood       s/t     mute
Black Moth Super Rainbow        Eating Us       Graveface
Jarvis Cocker   Further Complications   Rough Trade
Music Lovers    Masculine Feminine      Le Grand Magistery

**** KSCU NEW ADDS week of  5.5.09 – 5.10.09 ****

Hey DJs,

Here is a list of some recent stuff added into the clocks over the last two weeks…

Gay Witch Abortion Maverick Learning Curve
Dark Castle Spirited Migration At A Loss Recordings
Isis Weavering Radiant Ipecac
Mastodon Crack The Skye Reprise
Brutal Truth Evolution Through Revolution Relapse
Mumakil Behold The Failure Relapse
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Agorapocalypse Relapse
Inevitable End The Severed Inception Relapse
The Blinding Light Junebug Init Records
Hammerlord Hammerlord Init Records
Pulling Teeth Paranoid Delusions Paradise Illusions Deathwish Inc.
No No Zero Rough Stuff Signed By Force
Starvin Hungry Cold Burns Signed By Force
Bionic Black Blood Signed By Force
The Weight Are men Tee Pee
The Warlocks The Mirror Explodes Tee Pee
Spindraft The Legend Of God’s Gun Tee Pee
The Swords Of Fatima Two Days, Two Swords…Walk Alone At Midnight Long Blade Records
The Whip Trash 7″ Razor and Tie
Maps of Norway Die off Songbird Guilt Ridden Pop
Doves Kingdom of Rust Astralwerks
Akron/Family Set Em Wild, Set Em Free Dead Oceans
Red Sea Station s/t Self Released
Aeroplane Pageant Even the Kids Don’t Believe Me Self Released
Abstract Rude Rejuvination Rhymesayers
Hanne Hukkelberg Blood From A Stone Nettwerk
Secret Lover Power Pop Deluxe Hottrax
Other Girls Perfect Cities Audio Eagle
Dreamdate Patience Skywriting Records
Kero One Early Believers Plug Label
John Vanderslice Romanian Names Dead Oceans
Britt Warner and Luke Costa Love, Lust and Longing Self Released
Jenny Owen Youngs Transmitter Failure Nettwerk
Manchester Orchestra Mean Everything to Nothing Favorite Gentlemen
1090 Club Natural Selection Sidecho
The Horrors Primary Colors XL Recordings
Starfucker Jupiter Badman
Cocktail Slippers Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre Wicked Cool
The Twang Love It WhenI Feel Like This Arrco
Leo Blais The Free EP Carbon Neutral
Jeremy Enigk OK Bear Lewis Hollow
Gun Outfit Dimlight Post Present Medium
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Lonely Road Virgin Records
Impossible Arms Ripped in No Time Odessa
silversun pickups swoon dangerbird
peaches I feel cream XL Recordings
st. vincent actor 4ad
ladytron tomorrow (remixes) nettwerk
prefuse 73 everything she touched turned ampexian warp
the limousines very busy people single universal
the raconteurs top yourself wb
zee avi s/t brushfire
wake the president you can’t change that boy magic marker
songs for snakes s/t self released
the life and times tragic boogie arena rock
jon hopkins insides domino
shout out out out out reintegration time normals welcome
ape school ape school counter records
The Ergs! Hindsight is 20/20 My Friend Dirtnap
Dusty Rhodes and the River Band Palace and Stage SideOnedummy
Skidmore Fountain Cloudless Blue Young Love
Royksopp Happy Up Here (Remixes) Astralwerks
Kinky Barracuda (remixes) Kin Kon Records
Don Diablo Life is a Festival Sellout Sessions
We Know Mason You Do Danger Records
Tinted Windows S/T S-Curve
Band of Skulls Baby Darling Doll Face Honey Shangri-La Music
Louderbach Shine (remixes) Minus Inc.

**** KSCU NEW ADDS week of 12/8/08 ****

Ascend Ample Fire Within Southern lord Records/Earsplit PR
Total Abuse Total Abuse Deranged Records
World Burns To Death Graveyard Of Utopia Prank Records
Avskum Uppror Underifran Prank Records
Architect Ghost of the saltwater Machines BlackMarket Activities/MetalBlade
Meagazilla Please, Please, Sorry, Thank You Australian Cattle God
Necroblaspheme Destination: Nulle Part Agonia Records/Earsplit PR
Wicked Hemlocks Wicked Hemlocks Stick It In Your Spokes Records
Woozyhelmet Get Down Soda Pop Sounds
Heartsrevolution Switchblade EP iHEARTCOMIX Records/AAM
jeff gee nite stattik self
maroon 5/various call and response: the remix album a& m records
alone II the home recordings of rivers cuomo dgc records
system and station a nation of actors a nation of actors
soulwax part of the weekend never dies pias recording
sea sick s/t self
corrin campbell exibit a self released
o’death broken hymns, limbs and skin kemado
leah I’m not goin nowhere self released
inner circle ft slightly stupid mary collie weed self released
various artists electrostatik volume 2 272 records
bang bang eche bang bang eche underground management
n’ypoleon the warm up empire records


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