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8 01 2011

El Ten Eleven – It’s Still Like a Secret 1-11-11

LA based indie rock duo of Kristian Dunn and Tim Fogarty bring a live “electronic rock” experience without the help of computers. Completely live the duo created an album somewhat akin to Soulwax and Ratatat though more rockin’ and a lot less obvious that any sort of electronics are involved. With no vocals on the album some may find this disappointing but looking past that you can find an exciting soundscape of rhythms and melodies that sound great.

RIYL – Soulwax, Ratatat
Favorites – Any
Cussing – All playable

Fake Record Label 

Salme feat. Noa Tylo – So Delicious (single) 1-11-111

 Another Dance single with remixes closer to the “house” genre then anything else though perhaps the term progressive could be affixed to the “house.” The Club mixes are long but are vocal friendly. The Radio mixes are much shorter with vocals being the focus.

RIYL – 94.9 house, progressive house, modern Kaskade, Ultra records releases
Favorites – 6, 7, 8, rest
Cussing – none

Kontainer Muisc


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6 11 2010

Recently, on Kellie’s Pop Rocks, there was an interview special! It included two special guests, an SCU Professor and Assistant Director of a Career Center. Together, they answered any questions regarding the interview process, offering tips and advice. Let us know what you thought about this! Should we have more informative shows on KSCU? Did the show help you at all in feeling more confident about interviewing? Leave any thoughts or suggestions about this topic!



Brooding, Beautiful “High Violet”

10 06 2010

The National High Violet

This is the much-anticipated follow up album to “Boxer,” The National’s 2007 album that landed them on many year-end best of lists and helped propel them to the forefront of indie rock.  High Violet is a slow-burning, mid-tempo album that has excellent atmosphere in a brooding, darkly beautiful sort of way that The National has seemed to make their signature sound. The National is most recognizable for lead singer Matt Berninger’s emotive baritone vocals, and “High Violet” definitely follows in the footsteps of their previous releases. This album sounds a bit more bright and warm than their previous work, but the lyrics in particular reflect a melancholy and weary mentality.  “Bloodbuzz Ohio” (track 6) is one of my favorites off of the album, it perfectly seems to encapsulate the beautiful, literate chamber-pop sound that The National has seemed to perfect. I feel like this album improves with each listen; overall it is perhaps not the most upbeat album (what would you expect with track titles like “Sorrow” (2)), but still it’s a beautiful release, love the instrumentation and intelligent lyrics. Allmusic listed them as “sadcore,” a term I haven’t really heard before, find it a bit humorous, but I suppose I would have to agree, The National are sad in a pretty awesomely hardcore way.

“Conversation 16” is another standout track,  even with the haunting repetition of the lyrics “I was afraid I would eat your brains/ cause I’m evil,” it is still a remarkably beautiful and pleasant song. Here is a video of The National performing “Conversation 16” at the Fox Theater in Oakland on May 27:

I got my Sufjan fix with this album, albeit  with Stevens only contributing background vocals. Sufjan Stevens collaborated with Berninger and co. on “Afraid of Everyone” (track 5), which reflects a sort of midlife/cultural crisis with lyrics like “With my kids on my shoulders I try not to hurt anybody out loud/ But I don’t have the drugs to sort it out.”

Check out The National with Sufjan Stevens performing “Afraid of Everyone” on Letterman on May 13:

Ooh how I love The National, what a great band. “Boxer” was one of my faves for a  long time, I have the most vivid memory of listening to it for the first time while driving around the looping bridges of Portland, Oregon in 2007.

(In my humble opinion:) Best Tracks from “Boxer”: Ada, Slow Show, Fake Empire

Best Tracks from “Alligator”: Secret Meeting, Baby We’ll Be Fine

– Duffy

Marina & The Diamonds

2 06 2010

This was such a fun album to listen to.  Marina & The Diamonds album ‘The Family Jewels’ came just in time for the summer. Nicole (MD) told me I would like this and I completely love it! Refreshing and upbeat, her music is addicting, for me at least. It made me want to sing and dance to it. It could have been because I was reviewing this on a sunny day, but either way, the lyrics are catchy and amusing. For example, #2 has the constant lyrics of “drinking champagne (spelled Shampain, I don’t know why)!”. The singer’s name is Marina Diamandis (neat) and she claims to be from Ancient Greece (hmmmm). After dropping out of four different music courses at four different universities, she decided to make her own way in music, and began writing her own unique brand of left-field pop songs under her new stage name. Gotta give her props for that one. She currently sold out shows in Germany and will be touring throughout Europe and making a stop in San Francisco for Lilith Fair and a show at Popscene. Try this one out, wouldn’t hurt.

Personal Favorite Songs of hers: Are You Satisfied?, Shampain, The Outsider, Oh No!, Guilty,

RIYL: Florence and the Machine, Regina Spektor, Little Boots, Kate Miller-Heidke

Record Label: UK- 679/Warner & USA-Atlantic/Chop Shop


Marina & The Diamonds – Oh No!


Kellie’s Pop Rocks

The Depreciation Guild

23 05 2010

The Depreciation Guild- Spirit Youth

Well well well, the Depreciation Guild includes two members from The Pains of Being Pure at Heart: frontman Kurt Feldman and guitarist Christoph Hochheim. The Depreciation Guild was founded two years prior to the Pain’s formation. The two bands complement another with Pains teetering on the twee side of things and The Depreciation Guild building its very own blend of 8-bit beats, clanging chords and heady hooks. Feldman says, “This record is heavy but its not very shoegaze.” They also had a self released debut in 2007 with In Her Gentle Jaws. Their album is wistful, intimate and a tad bit precious to be honest. I like it, but still not as much as The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. I found myself going back to listen to them because every time I played a track of The Depreciation Guild, I found myself wanting to listen to The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. But nonetheless, this album is still enjoyable and you can definitely hear the similarities between the two bands. My personal favorites are #1 My Chariot and #8 Spirit Youth. I thought this would be a good band to blog about purely because I like The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and this album got me a little excited to hear a different side from two of the members.

RIYL: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, The Bridal Shop, A Sunny Day in Glasgow


1. My Chariot

4. Dream About Me

5. November

6. Trace

8. Spirit Youth

9. Through the Snow

Profanities on Album: None

Kanine Records

Here’s “My Chariot”:

And The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. You can compare, but like I said, I like The Pains of Being Pure at Heart more, especially this song. I kept finding myself craving to hear this song each time I reviewed one of The Depreciation Guild’s songs. Love this song, I will never get sick of it: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart-Stay Alive. I feel every time I listen to this, it just reminds me how much better this is than The Depreciation Guild (just my opinion!, if you disagree, totally understandable). Plus, I just love their album cover so I’m glad its shown below.



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Current Obsession: Bonobo

6 04 2010

BONOBO Black Sands

I have been obsessed lately with Black Sands, British DJ and producer Simon Green (aka Bonobo)’s fourth album, playing it constantly—how have I not listened to Bonobo before?? Black Sands, released through Ninja Tune Records, is a beautiful, chill electronica album that seems to take the chillwave, trip hop genre to a whole new level. If you like  Thievery Corporation, Groove Armada, Caribou, or AIR, you may enjoy Bonobo’s cool electronica sound. Check out Bonobo’s official site to download songs and remixes.

Green produces beat driven, laid back electronica that has an international feel (Chinese art movie sounding strings, Afro-Latin, Brazilian) as well as having a soulful, jazz influence that give Bonobo a very distinctive sound. Many of the tracks are instrumental, but Bonobo brings in some collaborators like on  “Eyes Down,” where Andreya Triana provides  soulful, distorted vocals that bring more of a r&b sensibility. 

Seriously, check out this album…. Since there are so many varying influences on this electronica release, people who like genres ranging from hip hop to indie like this low-key, catchy album.  Black Sands is the perfect album to chill out to, do yoga, kick it with friends, whatever… just excellent background music. I definitely could imagine some televisions shows or films snagging  Bonobo to be part of the soundtrack.

Bonobo is known for his live performances, and Black Sands will surely only increase his popularity. He’s playing at the Mezzanine in San Francisco on April 23, and is in the midst of a huge worldwide tour.

 This is one of my favorite tracks from Black Sands, check out “Kiara”:

Other great tracks from Black Sands include El Toro, Eyesdown, and Kong

—- Duffy


4 04 2010


From Sheffield, England is a duo known as Slow Club. This is their debut album and there is also a 9 track bonus second disc. Folk-pop, Slow Club are made up of two people Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor. They mix in folk, twee, and 60’s pop. I don’t know how others feel, but I love male and female vocals mixed in together. They have a really simple approach which is easily likeable. The alternately take the lead, constantly harmonizing which is the best part. Their music is really sweet, precious, fun and quirky. I think you get the jist of how they sound. Simply put, really cutesy girl and boy folk. They touch a lot of great topics for their songs too, relateable lyrics for about 58.9879% + of the population I am guessing. I like folk but I lost touch with it. This album made me reconnect with how much I miss it. So  nice to just relax to. Great album.

RIYL: Angus and Julia Stone, Tilly and the Wall, Tiny Dancers, Hey Ocean!

Moshi Moshi Records